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This year the 2012 Defenders of Freedom Airshow and Open House at Offutt AFB, NE was held on 24-26 Aug. Friday (24 Aug) was considered to be the practice day, which allowed special needs children/groups and the media a chance to see the performers without a lot of people wandering around. The show was cancelled for Saturday due to in-climate weather to include thunderstorms, low ceilings and rain. The Sunday show did however go off without any real problems. The 2 major changes to Sunday's show was the aerial performances were delayed by 1.5 hours and the US Army Golden Knights did not perform their morning jump due to some low clouds still hanging around. Once the weather cleared up, the rest of the performers flew their scheduled events/demos as planned. The performers for this year's airshow were as follows:
  • Team Offutt AFB (TC-135V & E-4B)
  • US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team
  • Warbird Performers (P-51D, B-25, TBM Avenger & Zero)
  • Team Aerostars 3-Ship Yak-52TW Formation
  • Lima Lima 6-Ship T-34 Mentor Formation
  • Flash Fire Jet Truck (ANG)
  • John Klatt Max Adrenaline Show (ANG)
  • The Horsemen 3-Ship F-86 Sabre Formation
  • Kevin Coleman Aerosports
  • USMC AV-8B Harrier II Demo
  • USN West Coast F/A-18F Super Hornet Demo
  • MiG-17F - Fighterjets Inc (Randy Ball)
  • USAF East Coast A-10 Heritage Flight with 2/F-86s
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